As part of our work in supporting the Alameda County Violence Prevention Initiative we recently produced an update of our county Violence Fact Sheet. According to the 2012 uniform crime reports, Alameda County had higher rates of violent crime than California and the Nation. Over the past decade, 2003 to 2013, Alameda County has become increasingly violent while violent crime rates have decreased statewide. A majority of violent crimes continue to occur in Oakland. Although only a quarter of the County’s population reside in Oakland, 68% of all violent crimes are reported in Oakland

2012 was a year of increased violence in Alameda County. Compared to 2000, the rate of reported violent crimes in the County has increased by 25% and is close to the 12 year high of 818 reports per 100,000 residents.


Robbery in particular, has increased dramatically: both Oakland and Emeryville have experienced rates of violence higher than their ten-year average (see table below)


For more information please download the latest fact sheet below: