Alameda County has released it’s new OpenData platform in beta version in advance for our CodeforOakland hackathon on the 21st! For us it’s great to see our education and advocacy efforts finaly yielding results! We’ve been supporting the county to move to an open public data platform for some time and now we have the beginning of a great new resource for our community! If you’re interested in opendata in your community please get in touch!


This is the first time a county in California has published an OpenData catalog- since San Francisco pioneered this idea! It provides a number of selected datasets that hopefully are of interest to our hackathon attendees!

This initial release is a preview essentially, layout changes and more data are on the way. It’s a Socrata based platform- one of our event sponsors! In addition to a cash prize for our winning app team, Socrata are offering a great package of business support to help bring the winning app all the way to market!

The most interesting new data being released from my perspective are the:

We’re looking forward to what local developers, analyst and researchers can start to create and learn with this new wealth of data! There will be more juicy data released by Urban Strategies Council and hopefully the City of Oakland for the event also!

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