Our Values

The Council is a team of individuals with aligned views of the world, public policy, and community. Our values reflect these shared principles for our work and for public systems that were created to serve all people fairly and equally.


We value…

  • racial, social and economic equity
  • uplifting community voices and lived experiences
  • self-determination for community building and social change
  • diversity of race, immigrant status, faith, sexual orientation, ability, class, gender, language, and age
  • an equitable society in which all people can reach their full potential


We value…

  • responding to structural inequities and the systems that oppress and disenfranchise poor people and communities of color
  • holistic solutions that address the root causes of poverty
  • ensuring that policy, planning and decision making are effective in achieving equity and impact
  • working in accountable partnerships and collaboration with community, community based organizations and government
  • understanding across disciplines and institutions which leads to structural changes and reforms