OUSD has a growing percentage of English Learners who need unique and targeted supports to read proficiently by third grade.  However, bilingual elementary students are surprisingly among the most proficient in reading of all student populations. Bilingual third graders (including those who have been reclassified from English Learner status) score near the top in reading proficiency for all OUSD student populations (by race/ethnicity, gender, English language and Special Education status). 70% of bilingual third graders were reading at grade level in 2012-13.

While that is a good sign for bilingual students, English Learners still need our attention as only 8% of English Learner (EL) third graders were reading proficiently. (The state rate for EL third graders was 18%).  English Learners comprise 30% of K-12 OUSD students, and there are high proportions of EL students in several ethnic populations:more than half of Latino students and more than a third of Asian students are English Learners.