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Urban Strategies Council is a research and advocacy organization dedicated to social, economic and racial equity. We work to hold institutions and systems accountable to community needs.

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Racial Equity

Social Equity

Economic Equity

Featured Work

  • Collaborative Fundraising – Part II (The How)

    A few weeks ago I shared an overview of what collaborative fundraising is and why an organization would do it. This is the exciting conclusion on how to initiate collaborative fundraising. How to Initiate Collaborative [...]

  • direct connect

    Helping Those Who Help Others: Our Direct Connect Story

    Helping Those Who Help Others: Our Direct Connect Story Co-written by Steve Spiker, Alison Feldman and Breeanna Decker   Urban Strategies Council is great at bringing together people who should be talking, but are not. [...]

  • new board

    Growing our Board

    Growing our Board As you likely know, the Council just turned 30 years old! We’re expanding our purview to work across the entire Bay Area and we are experiencing growth and transition at both [...]

Collaborative Fundraising – Part I (What and Why)

Nonprofits exist to execute a mission that serves a need as opposed to the commercial [...]

A Focus on Equity for Oakland’s Boys of Color

At this time last year, Urban Strategies Council released a report on health and education [...]

Focus on Fathers

Urban Strategies Council is proud to be a partner with First 5 Alameda County’s Fathers [...]

Reversing the School to Prison Pipeline

Last week, Urban Strategies Council staff attended the Creating Pathways from Youth Incarceration to Higher [...]